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How Does Battery Storage Work?

Battery Storage + Solar

Solar panel systems produce energy during the day and any excess energy not being used by the home is sent back to the grid providing a credit on your bill, a process called Net Energy Metering (NEM). We are currently in NEM 2.0 as of 2022.

Unfortunately, in the State of California, the amount of the credit issued by the Utility is being drastically reduced for 2023 with NEM 3.0, effectively doubling the breakeven point, and making battery storage a necessary component for many solar system homeowners to maximize their investment.  

Net Energy Metering is no longer a viable replacement for having a solar battery.

Solar plus battery storage owners can protect against loss of retail credits and Time-of-Day utility rates, which can often be double the regular price during peak usage times.

Using the stored battery energy during those peak times can save solar owners hundreds of dollars a month compared to some solar-only owners.

Battery Backup

With current and future grid unreliability, power outages are becoming more frequent and disruptive to our lives.

During a blackout, if you only have solar, your solar enters a rapid shutdown and turns off, even if the sun is still shining. What a bummer!

Keep your solar panels producing daytime power during a power outage by adding a battery to your solar system.  This is called Islanding mode.

In Islanding mode, you now have a microgrid to create, store, and use your own solar power during a grid outage.

Many battery systems are designed to back up only critical loads. That means only a handful of 120 Volt circuits and no 240 Volt appliances like air conditioning or heat pumps.

So it's important to work with an installer that is authorized to install multiple brands of batteries that can achieve your desired outcome.

The good news is that if you do want whole-home backup to include all your loads including large appliances like air conditioners, heat pumps, EV chargers, electric ovens, and well pumps we have you covered.

We carry brands capable of whole-home backup, but an inspection of your electrical panel is required to determine the best configuration to meet your needs.

In some cases, due to the electrical layout of the home, an automatic home standby generator may be a better choice, or even a combination of a battery and a generator.

A site inspection is the best way to determine the best path forward.

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Battery Backup Without Solar

For homes and businesses without solar or a standby generator, a battery backup can still be an option.

Depending on how you want to use the battery, either for limited backup or for daily discharge to combat time-of-day rates(Called rate arbitrage), we have a wide range of battery storage systems available specifically designed to achieve your desired outcome.

Typically, this type of battery system is designed for shorter outages as there is no mechanism to charge the battery during a power outage without solar panels.

Additionally, these batteries tend to be portable and not a permanent fixture in the home.

During your site inspection, we can discuss all your options, solar plus battery storage, generator vs. battery storage, solar plus battery storage & generator, or battery storage with no solar. There is a solution for everyone, and we can meet most budgets.


Battery Installation Photos.

Every job is unique. Take a look at some of our recent installations of battery storage systems.

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Recent Battery and Solar Installation

El Dorado Hills, CA - Serrano.

For this client back up power was a major priority. The home was a new build with a minimal Title 24 solar system. The client is adding a pool and spa. Modernize Power added additional solar panels and a Panasonic EverVolt battery storage system to accommodate the additional electrical loads and provide backup power during an outage.

“Backup power & cheap energy!”

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