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How Does Battery Storage Work

Battery Storage + Solar

Most battery storage systems are paired with solar panel systems (learn about battery storage without solar). Traditional solar panel systems produce energy during the day and any excess energy not being used by the home is sent back to the grid providing a credit on your bill, a process called Net Energy Metering (NEM). Unfortunately, in certain parts of the country the amount of the credit issued is being reduced by the utilities, or eliminated entirely, making batteries a necessary component for many solar customers.

When you install a battery with your solar panel system any excess energy being produced is now stored in your battery instead of being sent back to the grid. Now, the only time power is sent back to the grid is when your battery is full. As the sun goes down, you will now be able to draw stored energy from your battery instead of pulling energy from the grid. If your energy consumption demand exceeds the capacity of stored energy you are still able to simultaneously pull energy from the grid to seamlessly meet the needs of the home at any time. Additionally, many solar plus battery storage customers can protect against Time-of-Day utility rates, which can often be double the regular price during peak usage times. Using the stored battery energy during those peak times can save customers hundreds of dollars a month.

Battery Backup

Power outages are becoming more and more frequent in some areas. By integrating a battery to your solar system you can now have backup power in the event of a grid outage. Most battery systems are designed to back up critical loads during an outage, but some manufactures allow for whole home backup by stacking multiple batteries together. If back up power is your main concern then there are many configurations to meet your needs depending on budget and layout of your electrical system. In some cases due to the electrical layout of the home, a battery may not work and an automatic home standby generator may be a better choice, or even a combination of a battery and a smaller generator. A site inspection is the best way to determine the best path forward.

Battery Backup Without Solar

For homes and businesses without solar or a standby generator, battery backup is still an option. Depending on how you want to use the battery, either for back-up only or for daily discharge to combat time-of-day rates (Called rate arbitrage), we have a wide range of battery storage systems available specifically designed to achieve your desired outcome. If rate arbitrage is your goal you simply charge your battery during off peak periods when it's the cheapest and discharge your battery during peak times to help avoid the higher cost of utility power at that time. For others, the only concern is to have backup power when the grid goes down. This option allows for a wider range of battery chemistries and system designs and can be at times a more affordable option.


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Recent Battery and Solar Installation

El Dorado Hills, CA - Serrano.

For this client back up power was a major priority. The home was a new build with a minimal Title 24 solar system. The client is adding a pool and spa. Modernize Power added additional solar panels and a Panasonic EverVolt battery storage system to accommodate the additional electrical loads and provide backup power during an outage.

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