Commercial Automatic Standby Liquid Cooled Generators.

Modernize Power is your go-to for turnkey installations of light commercial and industrial gaseous and diesel liquid-cooled generators from 25kW to 1,000kW of backup power. We offer custom solutions to power gas stations, grocery, retail, telecom, government, and more. As an authorized dealer for major brands such as Generac, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton, we can meet any need. Contact us for a free consultation and site inspection.
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Authorized to sale, install, and service most major brands of automatic liquid cooled generators.

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Why Businesses Need an Automatic Backup Power Generator?

A power outage can last hours or even days which could lead to significant loss in revenue, and for some businesses a loss of perishable inventory, costing tens of thousands of dollars. What impact will a loss of power have on your business? Lost sales, lost productivity, lost wages, computer system failure, and the list goes on, but answer that question for your particular business and you'll see that having a commercial automatic standby generator is crucial for maintaining resiliency and operation during natural disasters or proactive utility power shutdowns.

Now compare that to a scenario where you have back up power, but your competition doesn't. You're not only able to continue business as usual, but increase your sales by picking up customers that would normally be shopping throughout the community, but now you're the only choice. As a business owner, you can now turn a negative into a positive. Businesses that experience power outages can often recoup the cost of the generator after just their first use when compared to the avoided losses.

Common business types:

Lost Sales per hour*
24 Hour Total Loses*
Convenience store/gas station
High-volume restaurant
Drug Store
*Does not include the cost of lost inventory

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Recent Installation:
Government Project

Central Sierra Child Support Agency.

After several lengthy power outages Central Sierra had to have a reliable source of power when the grid went down in order to sustain their goal of reducing poverty and financial insecurity among children and custodial parents. Modernize Power solved this problem by installing a 70kW natural gas automatic standby generator to power the entire building during an outage.

“We're no longer reliant on the grid!”

Recent Installation:
Non-Profit Organization

The El Dorado County Food Bank.

The Food Bank provides food assistance through multiple programs including the Emergency Food Assistance Network which consists of multiple agencies that make up the safety net for El Dorado County’s at-risk population. Modernize Power was called in to ensure their cold storage and operational duties could continue during prolonged power outages and installed a 150kW industrial liquid cooled automatic standby propane generator to power the entire building during an outage.

“Thank you to Modernize Power!”
Video Case Study

Installation of a 150kW Generac Industrial Automatic Standby Generator.

Food Bank of El Dorado County

If you would like to learn more about how to contribute to the food bank of El Dorado County please visit their website at for more information. The food bank is very appreciative of any form of help that is provided, from food donations, monetary donations, food drives, and even volunteering.

Don't be left in the dark.

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